Are you a student? Would you like to make your voice heard at the most important international academic development conference in the world? If so:
read on! 

The ICED 2020 conference will kick off with short video statements by students from around the world who have something to say on the theme of “the future-ready graduate”. Any motivated student with good spoken English or the willingness to provide an English translation (we will convert it to subtitles) may contribute a video statement. We welcome contributing students to attend the conference, but this is not a requirement.  

All students from all countries/regions, disciplines and academic levels (Bachelor’s / Master’s / PhD) are invited to submit a video. We want to hear from you! 


Step one: Ask yourself the question: “For me, who is the future-ready graduate at my university / in my country / in today’s world?”  

Step two: Get ready to make an individual selfie video of no more than 20 seconds (this can be on your phone). You can speak in English or in your own language. Any video not in English must be accompanied by an English translation (please identify the spoken language, too). 

Step three: Hit “record”! Begin by introducing yourself with your name, university and country. Then give your answer to the question. There are no rules, but you might start by saying “For me / At my university / In my country, the future-ready graduate is …”

Step four: Send an email to Katherine Hahn informing us that you are about to submit a video. If the video is not in English this email should also identify the language of the statement and include a translation. (Note that this step is essential — if we receive no email from you, we cannot process your video.)

Step five: Upload your video to the link below (green button).

Important!: By uploading the video, you agree to have it considered for, and perhaps presented at, the conference.  

Deadline for submissions: [NEW!] 31 March 2020. We will inform you by 9 April 2020 if we have chosen to use your video. 

Selection procedure: Good image and in particular audio quality will be factors in the choice we make, but our main aim is to have a range of student voices which is as international and diverse as possible. 

The contributor of every video selected will be named in the conference programme, and will receive an online voucher of individual choice worth CHF 50.00.