Recommended Restaurants

In general, it is expensive to eat out in Zurich.

The city has the usual selection of fast food outlets, of course. But if you are looking for something more traditional, or something specific, see below for a very small selection of tips.

We have only listed restaurants which are either (1) in walking distance of ETH Zurich or (2) easy to reach by public transport from ETH. We have tried to provide a general price indication, but for details please refer to the respective website. Note that “mid-priced” means mid-priced for Zurich – and mid-priced in your country may be something quite different!

Reservations: Reservations are highly recommended. They can usually be made online. Any telephone reservations can (usually) be made in English.

Tipping: There is no strict rule about tipping in Switzerland. If you liked the food and/or the service, and your bill was under CHF 100.00, we recommend rounding up the bill to the nearest CHF 5.00 to 10.00. If the bill was higher than 100.00, you are in a large group, or you were particularly happy with your meal, give a larger tip: maybe up to 10% of the bill. Either leave cash on the table, or add it to your credit card amount.


Traditional Swiss food


Italian food


Vegetarian food

  • Hiltl (Haus Hiltl or any other location) (mid- to high prices; in centre)
  • tibits (mid-priced; towards the lake)


Asian food


For a bigger selection you may wish to search online (e.g. via TripAdvisor).