Publishing in the International Journal for Academic Development

Peter Felten, Tracy Zhou

13:30 – 17:00 (half-day afternoon workshop)

In this interactive pre‐conference workshop, we will guide you through the
publication process with ICED’s peer‐reviewed International Journal for Academic
Development, based on our experience as IJAD co‐editors.

We’ll help you explore:
‐ how IJAD differs from other higher education journals;
‐ framing your proposal and preparing a strong manuscript;
‐ making your reviewers’ tasks easier from the outset and how to responding to their
feedback positively;
‐ maintaining good relationships with your IJAD editor;
‐ dealing with the technology that supports IJAD’s work.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll be developing concrete plans for your own
research project and you will end with an action plan for the next four weeks of
productive writing.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this session, participants will have:
1. Differentiated between the scope of IJAD and other forms of higher education
2. Formulated a project proposal for IJAD;
3. Walked through IJAD’s peer‐reviewed publishing process to help you plan your
writing project;
4. Undertaken to be held accountable – and hold another participant accountable –
for making progress on a research project to be submitted to IJAD for peer review.