Creating “Teaching Portfolio charts” for reflection and clarifying one’s own teaching philosophy.

Kayoko Kurita, Lui Yoshida

13:30 – 17:00 (half-day afternoon workshop)

The “Teaching Portfolio chart” (TP chart) is a worksheet for reflecting on teaching, distilling one’s teaching philosophy, connecting philosophy and practical methodology, and setting future goals for improving teaching. It was developed based on the concept of Teaching Portfolio. The advantages of a TP chart are as follows:

– TP chart creation may take less time than TP creation; the TP chart takes 2.5 hours, while the TP takes 2.5 days;

– A TP chart can support one’s reflection step by step in an organized way;

– A TP chart presents an overview of one’s teaching on one sheet, making sharing with others easy.

Facilitators have given many workshops in creating TP charts for K–12 teachers and university professors in Japan. To date, such workshops have been highly recognised.


The aims of the workshop are for participants to:

1) Learn what a TP chart is and understand how it works;

2) Experience creating a TP chart as a teacher for reflection on one’s teaching;

3) Discuss how TP charts would work in one’s institution.

Based on the above, the workshop includes three parts: learning, experiencing, and discussing.

Participants first learn basic information about the TP chart: its history, value, structure, and dissemination in Japan. Then, participants create their own TP charts to consider its usefulness and effectiveness. There are several sharing activities in pairs for participants to sense the value of dialogue to clarify thoughts. Finally, there is a discussion period to share ideas and questions about applying the TP chart program to participants‘ institutions.

The submitters hope that this workshop will be an opportunity for participants to learn the value of the TP chart for teachers through creating their own. We would also like to receive feedback from the participants to improve the workshop.