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EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)


Since May 25, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation is in force. This also has an impact on Switzerland and the handling of personal data of persons from the EU.
For AEM web editors in particular, it should be noted that forms should only request data that is contextually related to the purpose of the form. In addition, the collected data may only be used for marketing to a very limited extent, and it must be clear to users where the data will be stored (e.g. filing of emails or Excel files). At the request of the user, this data must also be able to be deleted at any time.
In addition, iFrames involving third party websites should be avoided, as this content does not allow for the control of cookies and data protection regulations could be circumvented.
The privacy policy/cookies texts are managed centrally by Corporate Communications and will be adjusted on all websites as soon as the new texts are provided by the ETH legal department.
Please note that Swiss law requires an imprint page on websites for several years. A publisher (content responsibility) and an editor (maintenance of web content) should be listed. This information should be checked and updated regularly.


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